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Senate Bill 978 Materials

Senate Bill 978 requires law enforcement agencies to post on their
website “all current standards, policies, practices, operating procedures, and education and training materials that would otherwise be available to the public” if a request was made pursuant to the California Public Records Act, located in Government Code §§ 6250 et seq.

To comply with this law, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has made available the documents listed below, unless the material falls within an applicable exemption under the Public Records Act.

Report and Evidence Protocols
Reporting Procedures – FCN Numbers
Modification to Report Writing Protocols
Overtime Oversight Memorandum
Unencrypted Radio Transmissions Memorandum
– Radio Use Agreement with Probation Department
Enforcement Guidelines

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office training program outlines that are approved by the State of California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) are available through the following website: P.O.S.T. OpenData

Field Training Officer (FTO) Manual

Field Service Policy Manual

Corrections Policy Manual

Reporting Procedures – FCN Numbers

Overtime Oversight Memorandum

Unencrypted Radio Transmissions Memorandum

Radio Use Agreement with Probation Department

Enforcement Guidelines

Field Service Policy Manual

Corrections Policy Manual

Corrections Policy Manual Chapters


Table of Contents

100-00 Forward

100-01 Policy and Procedure Manual

100-02 Standard operating Procedures

100-03 Philosophy

102-00 Operations and Responsibilities

102-01 Temporary Suspension of Policies

103-00 Administrative Policy and Procedure

103-01 Conformance with Division Policies and Procedures

103-02 Overall Facility Performance

105-00 Reporting For Duty

105-10 Employee Privilege

105-20 Personal Electronic Devices

106-10 Conduct towards Inmates

108-00 Public and Staff Telephones

109-10 Staff and Staff-Inmate Communications

110-00 Gifts and Barters

200-00 Sanitation Safety and Maintenance

301-00 Training Program

301-10 Instructor Selection

301-20 Facility Training Program

350-00 Number of Personnel

410-00 Jail Records

410-10 Inmate Records

410-20 Incident Reporting

410-21 Criminal Investigations

410-30 Personal Video Recorders

411-00 Release of Information to the Public

502-00 DNA Sample Collection

503-10 Special Handling of Arrestees and Inmates

503-20 Use of Safety Cell

503-30 Sobering Cell

503-40 Americans with Disabilities Act

505-00 Use of Force and Restraints

505-10 Involuntary Medication

505-40 Use of Taser

505-30 Chemical Weapons

600-00 Inmate Programs

600-10 Inmate Orientation

600-11 School Time Credits

601-00 Inmate Correspondence

602-00 Inmate Visiting and Interviews

603-00 Inmate Voting

604-00 Inmate Telephone Calls

605-00 Inmate Recreation

606-00 Inmate Legal Materials

607-00 Inmate Grievance Procedures

608-00 Inmate Writ

609-00 Propria Persona (Pro Per) Status

610-00 Prison Rape Elimination Act

611-00 Inmate Tablet Program

700-00 Inmate Rules

710-00 Inmate Discipline

800-00 Juveniles in Custody

1100-00 Medical Services

1100-10 Reproductive Rights

1101-00 Mental Health Services

1105-00 Medical Marijuana

1106-12 Suicide Prevention

1106-13 Inmate Death

1106-14 Next-of-Kin Notification

1107-00 Injury Illness to Jail Visitor

1108-00 Injury or Illness to Corrections Employee

1109-00 Communicable Disease Notification and Treatment

1201-00 Kitchen Operations

1250-00 Commissary Services

1301-00 Clothing and Linen Exchange

1305-00 Laundry Operations

1600-00 Reception-Intake Operations

1601-00 Booking Operations 

1601-10 Field Booking Team

1601-20 Booking Deputy Job Responsibility

1601-40 Inmate Personal Property and Clothing

1601-50 Receipt and Disbursement of Inmate Funds

1650-00 Release-Transfer Operations

1650-10 Pre-Trial Release Services

1651-00 Immigration and Customs Enforcement

1652-00 Over Detentions

1654-00 Lost or Missing Property Claims

1700-00 Housing Unit Operations

1701-00 Key Control

1702-00 Control

1704-00 Inmate Rights

1705-00 Lockdown

1706-00 Inmate Count

1707-00 Safety and Security Checks

1801-00 Work Release Program

1802-00 Home Detention

1803-00 Board of Parole Commissioners

1804-00 Off-Site Work Detail

1804-10 Off-Site Inmate Supervisor Briefing

1804-11 Off-Site Supervisor Inmates Sign Out Log

1804-12 Inmate Rules For Off-Site Work Detail

1805-00 Random Inmate Urine Analysis

1900-00 Transportation – Court Procedures

1910-00 Court Holding Facilities

2002-00 Digital Video Recorder

2100-00 Searches

2201-00 Earthquake

2202-00 Bomb Threat – Bomb Explosion

2203-00 Power Failure

2204-00 Fire Suppression Preplanning

2210-00 Escape

2211-00 Hostage Plan

2212-00 Radio Man Down Alarm System

2213-00 Disturbance Riot

2215-00 Outside Demonstrations



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