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Public Records Act (PRA)

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to complying with all legal requirements of the California Public Records Act through
transparency and accountability.

 For Law Enforcement, Parole, Probation, Health and Children Services and Victims contact the Records Department via e-mail at records@mendocinosheriff.org or by phone at 707-463-4418.

 The County of Mendocino utilizes Next Request to provide the community with access to public records.  Please follow the link below to access the Next Request system. This system has an index of previously released public records that are available for examination and download. If you cannot find the information you are seeking, a new Public Records Act request can be submitted using the Next Request system.

 Please note that there are exceptions to the duty to disclose public records and certain records are exempt from disclosure. Further
information regarding records that are exempt from disclosure can be found in Government Code Sections 6250 et seq..

Below you will find website resources that may provide helpful information and guidance to your request.



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